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(hair-pulling disorder)

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What is Trichotillomania (trik'ō-til'ō-mā'nē-â)?

Tricho: Relating to hair, tillo: To pull out, mania: Insanity

Trichotillomania is a hair-pulling disorder. It happens when a person experiences an overwhelming or high tension environment (either physical or emotional) causing a person to pull out their hair usually followed by relief and pleasure. It most often occurs with the eyebrows, lashes, or scalp. It also may include the eating of the hair.

Treatment: Habit Reversal Training, Cognitive Therapy, Acceptance, and Commitment Therapy. Always speak to a trained medical professional who is familiar with your situation when seeking out the best therapy for yourself or someone you love.

Personal Experience: As the founder of Broken People, I have dealt with trichotillomania for decades. I understand the embarrassment and complications that come with such a visible and complicated disorder. It's gotten so bad at times that I have had severe infections on my face needing antibiotics to help heal. If you'd like to contact me to talk about your experience click here and send me a message. You are not alone! The only way we will get through this is together.


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